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Google Search sends more traffic to the open web every year

by Danny Sullivan / Search Insights

This post from Danny Sullivan is the response to another one: Earlier this week, Rand Fishkin published a post called "In 2020, Two Thirds of Google Searches Ended Without a Click" in which using SimilarWeb data he shared how they identified that "From January to December, 2020, 64.82% of searches on Google (desktop and mobile combined) ended in the search results without clicking to another web property."

However, in Danny's post he answers that: "We send billions of visits to websites every day, and the traffic we’ve sent to the open web has increased every year since Google Search was first created."

Search Central LIVE Q&A

by Search Off The Record / Search News

This episode is a recording of the Q&A section of the Search Central LIVE event which took place on Feb 24th, 2021. John, Martin, and Gary answer questions about launching a new site for a local business, algorithm changes, dynamic rendering, AMP, PWAs, title tag length, and more.

New for education sites: Practice problems and Math solver structured data

by Google Search Central Blog / Search Releases

Practice content and math assistance have been some of the most requested information from learners. If you have eligible content on your website, you can take advantage of these new schemas by following the best practices in this post.

JavaScript SEO: Best Practices and Debugging Tools

Kristina Azarenko / Technical SEO

Kristina goes through examples of JavaScript usage, challenges for effective crawlability and indexability and how to debug it.

Localizing Product Content for US Site: SEO Split Testing Lessons from SearchPilot

Lauren Macalalad / International SEO

How does content localization for products impact a site rankings and traffic?: "Localizing the product page content for the US market resulted in a statistically significant and positive impact to organic traffic with an approximate uplift of 24%."

How To Increase Time to First Byte

Oliver H.G. Mason / Technical SEO

Let's learn from another smart Oliver's test, in this case about the impact of increasing your site Time to First Byte (and how to do it in case you would want that for any reason).

A Guide to Optimizing for Google News, Top Stories, and Discover

Lily Ray / Google News

Lily goes through configuration and criteria to take into consideration for Google News, Top Stories and Discover.

8 Python Libraries for SEO & How To Use Them

Ruth Everett / Technical SEO

Actionable post from Ruth going through different Python Libraries and showing how to use them for SEO purposes.

Hiring a Tech SEO

Areej AbuAli / Technical SEO

A handy guide from Areej with steps, criteria and questions to use when hiring a Tech SEO of different levels of experience.

How to Approach Website SEO Audits

Geoff Kennedy / General SEO

Geoff shares how to structure and focus your SEO audits for success!

Stakeholder Salad: Communication Skills For SEOs - Talk Your Way Into Getting Shit Done [Presentation]

Kayleigh Töyrä / SEO Management

"Communication is at the heart of great SEO. Whether it's getting that pitch over the line, on-going client communication, convincing developers that your requests are important, SEOs can feel like we're constantly trying to get people to listen." Learn how to do it with the wonderful Kayleigh!

202 Top SEO Experts You Should Be Following

Danny Goodwin / General SEO

If you're looking to expand the list of SEOs to follow over Twitter, this is a sold list from Danny.

TechSEO Boost is back for 2021

Catalyst / SEO Events

Catalyst’s TechSEO “Mini” Boost offers a half-day virtual experience that includes cutting-edge content from top technical SEOs around the world... and completely for free! Register now and see you there on April 22nd.

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